Tokyo’s Blue Winter Sky

Day 38

I haven’t written anything in a few days because work has been really busy. Plus I spent most of last night playing Dragon Age Inquisition.

I was walking to work today when I noticed how beautifully blue the sky was. Winter here is dry and clear, with great views of Mt. Fuji. Even when the skyscrapers tower around you, you still see the perfect blue of the sky if you look up.

A downside of a dry winter is that the country is prone to fires, although with modern heating systems and architecture and the like, it’s becoming less of a problem. It’s also easy to get dehydrated and chapped skin in this season.

Still, when I think about the dark, windy, rainy weather of winter back home, this blue blue blue sky isn’t so bad 😉

Snow in Tokyo

Day 22 [New Year’s Resolution]: Snow in Tokyo

“INSTAGRAAAAAM!” a workmate of mine bellowed when our boss informed us that it was snowing.

Everyone gets excited at the first snowfall of the season. It was really only a matter of time before it hit Tokyo, but I don’t know if people were expecting it to come to suddenly or to stick for long.

Our boss sent us all home early and I’m really glad I did; the trains were packed and that wasn’t even during rush hour. But look how prettyyyy!

Tokyo kind of shuts down if there’s even a bit of snow. Anticipating train delays was one of the reasons our boss sent us home. Luckily my train takes less than ten minutes, so if all went wrong we still could have walked. It was super packed and I ended up apologising profusely to some poor woman who probably had my laptop bag sticking into her stomach.

According to the news, the station near my workplace is incredibly crowded now – like, hundreds and hundreds of people are stuck waiting for the train. I hope they get home soon and safely.

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We got back to Gakugei-Daigaku and were cold and stressed, so naturally, we bought alcohol. I’m really grateful to have been sent home because waiting among other cold and tired workers at 8pm at night would not have been fun.

Have you got snow in your country yet?

Winter in Tokyo

Day 14 [New Year’s Resolution]: Winter in Tokyo

It’s really really really cold today. The snow has made things a bit mental in other prefectures; a train in Niigata was stopped for fifteen and a half hours, trapping over 400 people on board, and one or two elderly people have died because of collapsing houses under the snow.

Tokyo doesn’t have snow, thankfully, but it’s still pretty biting. Insulation here is awful, so if you don’t have the heater on, cold air penetrates your room whether you’re in a house, a block of flats, or the office.

It really makes me miss home. At least when it’s cold, you’ll feel the warmth as soon as you walk inside. Right now, we get inside our house and have to turn the heater on as soon as we walk in, waiting around fifteen minutes before it’ll heat up the room. Just that room. No central heating here.


Every time I feel like I hate winter, though, I remind myself of the cockroaches that found their way into our bathroom (not an infestation; there are just a lot of them around when it’s hot) last summer. Cockroaches are terrifying, so maybe cold fingers, and taking twenty minutes to get your bed warm at night is an acceptable alternative. Maybe.

At least I’m not dealing with snow. I shudder to imagine the amount of yuki gakki (snow shovelling) is going on near my old place up in Nagano Prefecture. Still, there are many great things about winter, too: hot beverages and soup inside vending machines, winter sports, heat-tech wear, winter illuminations, etc etc etc.

Bottom line is that it’s cold.