Strawberry Coca Cola in Japan: What’s the Verdict?

We’re always getting new flavours and varieties of drinks and sweets over in Japan. A while ago I wrote about Drinks From Japanese Convenience Stores and how they often differ from what we might see in the west.

I came across Strawberry Cola in the supermarket and just had to grab a bottle.

I don’t drink that much pop unless it’s got alcohol in it, honestly. Not because I dislike it, but mostly because tea or milk is a healthier alternative.

Strawberry cola reminds me of those Tangfastic Haribo sweets, the ones with a layer of sugar that have fat artificial strawberry scent to them. Mix that with a cola bottle and you’ve pretty much got the flavour down.

Not that I was expecting fresh berries or anything. Strawberry flavouring is sweet, and combined with the already sugary taste of cola it was potentially overwhelming. However, they did quite well in finding a balance that wasn’t just 180% sugar. It was pleasant enough.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Give it a whirl if you see it around! After all, anything limited is bound to disappear at any moment.

Peach Coca-Cola in Japan: Gross or Great?

I’d heard a bit about peach cola floating around in Japan. It’s just one of the many experimental flavours of drinks and the like that pop up now and then in the country. You’ll see crazy varieties of crisps, chocolate, alcohol, and soft drinks. I saw a bottle of peach cola in Daiso and grabbed a bottle.

Peach is quite a common flavour. You can get peace juice, peach soda, peach alcoholic drinks. What would peach cola be like?

I usually don’t drink cola unless it has whiskey in it, but I took a swig. At first it just tastes like regular cola, but the peach flavour comes afterward, at the top of your mouth. There is also a peachy aftertaste mixing with the usual slightly acidic sensation of coke.

I personally don’t think it’s that special. If you’re old enough to drink, you can get very similar peachy flavours with better drinks, such as peach horoyoi (3% alcohol). Though I suppose if you’re a huge fan of cola, it might be worth a try.

Basically, it tastes pretty much how you’d expect. Quite tasty, but nothing groundbreaking.