Strawberry Coca Cola in Japan: What’s the Verdict?

We’re always getting new flavours and varieties of drinks and sweets over in Japan. A while ago I wrote about Drinks From Japanese Convenience Stores and how they often differ from what we might see in the west.

I came across Strawberry Cola in the supermarket and just had to grab a bottle.

I don’t drink that much pop unless it’s got alcohol in it, honestly. Not because I dislike it, but mostly because tea or milk is a healthier alternative.

Strawberry cola reminds me of those Tangfastic Haribo sweets, the ones with a layer of sugar that have fat artificial strawberry scent to them. Mix that with a cola bottle and you’ve pretty much got the flavour down.

Not that I was expecting fresh berries or anything. Strawberry flavouring is sweet, and combined with the already sugary taste of cola it was potentially overwhelming. However, they did quite well in finding a balance that wasn’t just 180% sugar. It was pleasant enough.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Give it a whirl if you see it around! After all, anything limited is bound to disappear at any moment.