Japanese Word of the Week: 約束

Every Thursday, we’ll be looking at a Japanese word, including its kanji and examples of use.


Kanji: 約束
Hiragana: やくそく
Roman letters: YAKUSOKU


English Meaning

Promise, appointment

Kanji Used

  • 約 (promise, approximate) [N3]
  • 束 (bundle, manage) [N3]

Example Sentences

  • すみません、約束がありますのでパーティーへ行けません。 / Sorry, I have an appointment so I can’t go to the party.
  • 彼はお約束を破った。/ He broke his word.

1 thought on “Japanese Word of the Week: 約束

  1. Hi. 束 is an interesting kanji to me. I like the slightly negative connotation it has (like how it’s used in「束縛」to signify that this relationship is suffocating. I would suspect connections with Buddhism too but I’m too lazy to look it up XD).


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