Happy Valley on Netflix

Day 10 [New Year’s Resolution]: Happy Valley on Netflix

“Netflix and chill?”

Netflix is one of those things everyone knows about and a lot of people have rather than regular TV. There’s no question why, of course; it’s easy to use, loads quickly, and has a massive choice of films and TV shows.

It’s better than Love Film, at least. I was cornered on the street and pressured into signing up while I was at university, and kept getting fined because I forgot to post the DVDs back in time.

I rarely watch TV shows on Netflix; it’s mostly films or the odd Friends episode. But recently, a friend recommended a police drama called Happy Valley.

It is set in West Yorkshire (I went to university in York), which caught my interest right away. There have been lots of shows where I’ve watched episode 1 and then got bored, but I just got done with the first series of Happy Valley and I must say, I’m really enjoying it.

Catherine, the sergeant and main character, is a badass middle-aged policewoman. I won’t go into details on the story for now as I’m not great at blurbs or synopses, but here’s the trailer.

One of my favourite things about this show is the characters. They aren’t cliche at all and often behave in a way I didn’t expect. There’s some fantastic acting in Happy Valley and I found myself becoming very fond of Catherine and her sister, Claire.

If you’ve got Netflix, check out Happy Valley. It’s got a lot of adult themes, so make sure you’re above 18 if you plan to check it out.

Day 10 of the New Year’s Resolution done! Let’s keep it up!

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