I Failed…

Day 6 [New Year’s Resolution]: I Failed…

Well, that lasted four whole days! My New Year’s Resolution to write one post a day in 2018 came to an abrupt end… kind of. Hear me out, though.

After I posted Day 4, I got drunk watching the first two Shrek movies, which are absolute classics. If you haven’t seen them, I suggest you switch off your phone, computer, or whatever device you’re using and rent them immediately. Shoo. Go on, get.

For the rest of you, the next day I had a meeting at 9, work from 10 to 8, and then I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in two years in the evening. That’s my excuse for despicable FAILURE.

I told Cindy and she said, “it’s okay! Just write!”

Thank you, Cindy.

Today is Saturday and I am S I C K.

It could have something to do with drinking two nights in a row, but I’ve got a horrible cold. But the good news is I just completed the first Crash Bandicoot in the N. Sane Trilogy by defeating Dr. Neo Cortex, so it’s not all sadness and despair.

Enough of this, because I have to kick his butt in Cortex Strikes Back as well. Toodles!

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