Less Sleep, More Sake

Day 2 [New Year’s Resolution]: Less Sleep, More Sake

Mate, I’m tired.

My friend Alex is staying over at the moment, so I took a break from some assignments I’m doing to chill out with him. We watched The Hangover and The Hangover II because he’s never seen them. Even after seeing them both fifty times, they still make me howl with laughter.

*gif copyright belongs to the Hangover guys and Warner Brothers, blah blah blah

I had to get on with my work but my boyfriend brought back a massive bottle of sake last night. He’d got Dassai, at a special price of just 5000 yen for 1.5 litres, because he knows it’s my favourite.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!

Anyway, maybe I didn’t think this post through because it’s the 2nd of January and I’ve only written about New Year’s Day so far. Maybe it counts that I was up until 4:00am finishing one of the assignments I was asked to do, then lay awake wondering if it was good enough, then woke up ten because I didn’t want to sleep all day. KNACKERED.

Today is going to be all about the second assignment, I guess, as well as saying goodbye to Alex. He lives in Nagano Prefecture so it takes a good while to get down here but he came for New Year. Nagano is a couple of hours by train, but Alex generally catches a bus from Shinjuku because it’s quicker. Nagano is a cold prefecture in the north where I lived for a year and a half, but the winter was too much and I love the excitement of Tokyo.

Two days, and the New Year’s Resolution is still in place! WE’VE GOT THIS!

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