Short Story: The Queen’s Alchemist

As well as blogs and articles, I also love to write fiction. If you like fantasy, check out my short story, The Queen’s Alchemist, available now on Amazon! It’s free on Kindle Unlimited or $1.99.

The Giants War rages in the north, and Queen Cassandra fears threats from the neighbouring kingdom will tear her fragile empire to the ground. Inside the palace, however, greater threats lurk in the shadows under false promises of loyalty and in the slums, there are whispers of forbidden magic. These seven stories tell tales from the Kingdom of Atharron, the homeland of the Mage Lords.


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Writing The Queen’s Alchemist was a lot of fun, and it’s a short introduction to the Mage Lords of Theldiniya and their origins. I hope you enjoy this short story and be sure to Tweet me if you decide to buy!

3 thoughts on “Short Story: The Queen’s Alchemist

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